John Manners

John Manners, pianist, uilleann piper, bagpiper & composer, began his musical education in the Dublin College of Music (now known as the DIT Conservatory of Music), at the age of 7, where he studied piano, uilleann pipes and music theory. John went on to study music at University College Dublin and graduated in 1999. Whilst in college, John began to perform as church organist in the Holy Cross Church, Dundrum, Dublin. Since then, he has performed all over Ireland at various events, on piano, organ, uilleann pipes and bagpipes.

John has recently started composing songs. A Christmas carol, entitled “Gabriel, How Can This Be?” was released in December 2018, and amassed over 300,000 plays across social media.

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Gabriel, How Can This Be?

By John Manners. Recorded live in Honan Chapel, Cork, Ireland, and broadcast Christmas Eve 2020 on Irish national television (RTÉ 1, “Christmas At Home”). Allie Sherlock & Saibh Skelly (vocals), Niall O’Sullivan (trumpet) (, Richie Foley (mandolin), Anna Marcossi (cello), Alex Felle (bass), Maria Ryan (viola), Rachel Grimes (violin), John Manners (piano).

Gabriel, How Can This Be?

By John Manners. Performed live December 2018 by Allie Sherlock, Niall O’Sullivan & John Manners.

Gabriel, How Can This Be?

By John Manners. Recorded November 2018 in Dublin by The St Naithí Ensemble.

Dawn (from Pride and Prejudice)

By Dario Marianelli. Performed by John Manners June 2012.

Cathaoir an Iarla

Irish traditional. Performed by John Manners (uilleann pipes) and Colm Kelly (guitar) April 2008.

Lascio Ch’io Pianga

By G. F. Handel. Performed on pipe organ in Dundrum Church, Dublin, by John Manners June 2009.

Róisín Dubh

Irish Traditional. Performed by John Manners (uilleann pipes) April 2008.


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